Item No.

01. Brand

Audience definition. Research. Conceptualisation. Storyboarding. Refinement.

Item No.

02. Brand Development

Branding. Tone of voice. Website + Social page development and congruence.

Item No.

03. Web Design + Development

News/magazine platform build, website layout design and setup.

Item No.

04. Social Media Influence

Social setup. Site + Socials content. Influencer connections. Event sponsorship.

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“Unpretty is unabashed, unfiltered and unashamed.”

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Raw, relevant and unfiltered, presents real, uncut issues and general topics of interest which influence the modern day millennial woman. By collaborating with creators who aim to celebrate beauty in diversity, aims to widen their reach and amplify their message through media and art, helping create a culture with a respect and love for diversity. Because what makes us different is what makes us beautiful.